The Gentle Leading Mama Advent Devotional is a collection of 25 devotions written by a diverse group of 25 unique women. When you sign up, you'll receive a daily email beginning December 1st and ending Christmas Morning with a short devotion about how the coming of Christ fulfills a longing we experience in Motherhood. Each email will also include 2-4 Questions for Reflection/Application... so this is a great chance to dust off your journal, reactivate that #collegefriends group text, or deepen your community with your #momsquad .

.Although you must sign up by November 30th to receive the devotional in its entirety by email, the Sign Up Page will remain up until Christmas Day, so feel free to continue to invite friends to join in. We feel humbled and grateful to have a position in your inbox and your advent experience this season. I am praying now that you would be refreshed and encouraged by the truth of the gospel as you read these offerings and ponder these questions this season. Would Christ be exalted!